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Stone Polishing

Appearance of the business, your home and of course the stairwell important to you. Clear why. The first impression is a significant part of the business card of every house. Polishing stone floor are the answer for dull looking, matte-looking, not pleasing to the eye.

Often turn to private clients and business owners of cleaning companies to refresh the look of tile house and office space, to upgrade the look for themselves and provide their customers a pleasant stay in space. Stone polishing is recommended even if it is for rent or for sale and worn over her floor.Maximum polishing

This process is based on an ancient technique: cleaning Grinding stone designed by other hard stone. In the past, polishing is done by hand, now is the designated machines and sophisticated devices capable to produce quality results within a relatively short time. Machines driven by electric power and allow full control to a team running them responsibility and a high safety level.

Stone polishing can make a dull look refreshed and bright luster, clean impurities that accumulate in depressions, grooves and rock samples by an intensive and professional job within a few days to weeks. Speed ​​at work contingent dirt, stone quality and scope of work.

How polishing are made of stone?

A qualified professional on behalf of cleanix will go to the area where cleaning is needed to assess the scope of work, advise on appropriate tools and answer any questions with complete transparency, no cost. This consultation can clarify what the customer his options, some cleaning is recommended to choose, what is the cost of any cleaning, some staff work in the field and what is the duration of the process. Course after the signing of the present agreement shall work at a cleanix full responsibility for cleaning results.
The first phase of the tile slots will be treated floors by diamond disc. Then suck the company’s staff all stone and dust residue to allow a smooth and clean for next Level: filling the slots designated for the type of glue tiles patients.
cleanix company undertakes to make use of high quality materials and aids, adapted tiles to keep the floor from damage and to provide the best results. After the final drying, the crew will perform the required polishing until a uniform flat surface. Polishing it imparts uniform height and floor care sustainability scratches (can stress).
In summary, the process of polishing stone gives a smooth finish and perfect marble floor tiles and mosaic. Apparent crystalline brilliance. Customers often tempted to skip the process of the paneling by diamond saw. It is recommended to perform the entire process in order to get proper results over time is also saved. Stone polishing suitable for private homes, shopping malls, businesses, commercial centers, hotels, banquet halls and more. cleanix company undertakes the best results.


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