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Cleanix holdings company specializing in cleaning for over 15 years, Polishing and pesticides with 15 years of experience.providing quality and professional service to all sectors and customer satisfaction.

Every business needs a serious cleaning company and responsible to take under its wing the cleaning services required. Cleanix company is known as one of efficiency and professionalism in Polishing, cleaning and pest control. Quality work is the result of extensive experience in the cleaning systemic.

Of experience rely on professional teams

Cleanix company believes skill and professionalism are the product of investment and perseverance. Teams company’s cleaning services counters Staff who passed rigorous tests to ensure the quality of available human part of the service. Reliability, honesty, kindness and service invaluable.

Janitorial services teams are briefed regularly and regularly supervised by a team leader assists and points depending on the requests of every customer in every office and home business. Kleenex invests team working under the auspices of the many workers because it believes that the staff provided, well-guided and rewarded properly perform his job to the best. The result is quality work, professional, served with a smile and well-being.

Quality cleaning services rely on planned Puzzle

Cleaning offices and businesses require, as a process and a project, effective planning and true. Proper conduct in promoting quick cleaning and benefactor. Precise operation, with reference to specific customer requirements and satisfaction makes visible effect. The right equipment and the right helps advance the goal: office cleaning and maintenance for the best.

How to select a cleaning service?

Every business needs a different treatment in janitorial services. Considerations are wide and varied. Cleanix company helps any business to choose the most appropriate service for a consultation at no cost. Elements that have a company and a business to consider are: office space, the need for polishing, the need for cleaning carpets, maintenance and cleaning cycles of the week, month and year.

Beyond the weekly cleaning company owner will take into account the required daily level cleaning such as cleaning services, supply of materials required and cleaning offices at the end of each working day. Cleanix company that specialized in building a suite of the most appropriate cleaning service for public and private entity according to the unique needs and according to budget.

A Cleanix performs cleaning of businesses of all sizes, including public spaces spaces of buildings for offices, cleaning of carpets in a variety of methods (dry and wet as needed), cleaning the external and internal walls of businesses, including windows and assisted rappelling, cleaning after renovation, polishing floors and crystal , cleaning and regular maintenance including supply of materials such as detergent, toilet paper, fragrance and disposable cleaning required depending on customer requirements quickly efficiently.

In summary, cleaning services are a matter that a must in every home self-respecting business. Cleanix company is committed to the professional services and the most effective according to customer requirements. Call to coordinate expectations, at no cost, will provide all the information regarding the needs of the business and for the services required, daily, weekly, monthly and annual.


Cleanix holdings company specializing in cleaning, Polishing and pesticides with 15 years of experience.providing quality and professional service to all sectors and customer satisfaction.


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